VTES Static Files

This is a server hosting development resources for V:tES (Vampire: the Eternal Struggle) developers. It is optimised for performance: files are static and served under a 1 hour Cache-Control.
You can rely on the HTTP Last-Modified header to check for updates.

The files available here are shared under the conditions of the agreement.
They are free to use under the same conditions.


A free open source REST API is available online at https://api.krcg.org.
It offers a range of features around cards, decks and TWDA.

Data resources

Data resources are under the https://static.krcg.org/data/ directory.

Tournaments extended archive

An extended archive of tournaments, with decklists of all decks (not only winner decks) for further and deeper analysis.

Web resources

The example.html provides a short documentation and an actual example of their use.

Web resources are under the https://static.krcg.org/web/ directory.

Card Images

Card images are JPG files under the https://static.krcg.org/card/ directory. Images filenames are an ascii-only version of card names, with neither space nor punctuation, and the .jpg file extentions.
For example: https://static.krcg.org/card/powerbasezurich.jpg

Note there are also images for the card backs: https://static.krcg.org/card/cardbackcrypt.jpg and https://static.krcg.org/card/cardbacklibrary.jpg

The translated images, when available, can be found in the subdirectory matching the language, under the same filename as the original card image.
For example: https://static.krcg.org/card/fr/fame.jpg

Original card scans are available set by set in the set subdirectory, with one directory per set.
For example: https://static.krcg.org/card/set/jyhad/44magnum.jpg

These images URLs are used in the vtes.json file.

Finally, you can download all the current official cards images (in english) as a single ZIP file.

If you need cache busting, you can add any fragment identifier to any resource URL here.
For example, https://static.krcg.org/card/fame.jpg#2022-01-25-14

Alternatively, you can use the /bust prefix as URL path, followed by any digits. For example, https://static.krcg.org/bust/2022012514/card/fame.jpg

On a similar note, the card images files hold a meaningful modification date, which means you can also inspect and trust this modification date in the HTTP header of the file:

curl -I -X HEAD "https://static.krcg.org/card/archon.jpg"

will get you (among others):

Last-Modified: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 20:01:34 GMT

you can use the HEAD method to gather this information before querying the files

Symbols images

Vector and raster versions of symbol images are available under the following directories:

Each directory has the same sub-structure: clan contains clan icons, including, for Sabbat clans, the "red wax seal" version prefixed seal, with clan/deprecated containing the old symbols that have now been replaced. disc/inf contains disciplines, virtues and other ability icons like Flight, Maleficia and Striga, using the standard trigrams as filenames except for flight, disc/sup contains the superior version of disciplines with the same filenames. Finally, icon contains other game icons like blood and pool cost, advanced and merged symbols, etc.

Please note that a number of additional World of Darkness symbols are also available on the official World of Darkness website